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Please provide as much detail as you can about your requirements. We encourage you to send a google satelite map with your drawings or boundaries on to help us determine the flight paths we may need to make. If you want to email us supporting documentation, scripts or plans, use

Final Imagery Format

Please let us know how and in what format you want your final imagery. Include whether you need post production included or just the unedited imagery.


Flight Location Postal Address, please include post code (required)

This is the postal address where we need to gain access to the location and fly our drones from, it may not be the subject i.e. an adjacent field that has no address

Flight Grid e.g. "TQ33855 38183" (required)

It is really important for us to determine the exact location where the drone flights will take place. Please use the website
to find the actual "Grid Ref" address i.e. "TQ33855 38183" and place a pin and right-click to retrieve the grid reference information. If easier send us a satelite map with the boundary or flight paths drawn on it.


Are their other property owners, vehicles, vessels or people likely to be within 30m of the take-off and landing zone and 50m of the flight? (required)

This is for legal compliance planning and risk assessment.

If the flight will be within 30m of takeoff and landing and 50m in fight of other properties, vehicles, vessels or people, will you being obtaining necessary permissions for takeoff/flight? Or do you require us to do this?

This will require a location visits to obtain permissions and will effect your pricing accordingly.

Please use this box to provide further inofrmation if necessary about "property, vehicles, vessels or people" that will be within 30m of take off and landing and 50m of flight.

TARGET DATES (Please note drone flights are subject to appropriate weather conditions)

Target Flight Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

This is the date you would like the flights to take place if possible/known.

Imagery Delivery Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Please let us know when you need the final imagery deleivery by if know


Shoot Notes

It is important that you understand the general Drone laws in the UK, which we have outlined at the top of the page. We are not able to operate outside these rules without applying for an Operating Safety Case from the CAA

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