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Our approach to a wedding is that of friendly observers. We like to partake in your day in a fun and exciting way, which helps you and your family and friends relax and enjoy each other.

Aside from the ceremony, which is obviously the most important part of the day, in our view every other part of the day is just as important as another. The family photos are what your parents and grandparents will want to put on their mantle pieces, so we do our best to make these great.

How often do you get to have all your best friends and family together? This kind of gathering is ultimately the point of a wedding. A great party is something most couples look forward to, and which we can document really well.

Candids are very popular in our digital age, as technology has allowed us to really capture things as they're happening. We have the equipment and experience to do this expertly.

What we do best is make people feel comfortable in our presence and in front of our lenses. So while a few shots of you looking straight at the camera are necessary (and desirable!), we are at our best when putting you in your element and capturing you being yourselves.

If an ultra-posed editorial look is what you're after, we can do this too. While this isn't our usual way of working, we have experience with this style from our combined decades photographing weddings.

The ceremony is what brought you all together! It would be weird not to photograph it. We do our best to be unobtrusive, dress conservatively, and stay out of people's way, so that we aren't distracting and taking away from your enjoyment of the wedding.

Your Wedding Story

Your wedding is a beautiful story, and there are some details of the day that help tell that story in photographs, for the rest of your lives. Below are some things that our clients often want covered, from the very beginning to the end of the day. Please check all those you'd be interested in.

You may have spent quite some time choosing that perfect dress, or bought your dream shoes. Your grandmother may have loaned you her beautiful heirloom necklace for your wedding day. These kinds of details, as well as candid images of you getting ready with your family and bridal party, are the kinds of things that we photograph during the getting ready photos, and make a great addition to your story in any album or slideshow.

This is probably a given - most clients want beautiful portraits of themselves on their wedding day. It is after all most likely one of the most powerful days of your lives!

These are your very best friends, that you've invited to support you for your wedding. They deserve to be recognized for posterity!

You have put a lot of time and effort into choosing your style and d├ęcor, and it is worth remembering.

Smell and taste are some of the most memorable senses. Most people can remember a particular smell from their childhood! A great photo of the food from your wedding day can help bring the taste of your wedding meal flooding back.

The first dances (bride and groom, father-daughter, mother-son) are very often a beautiful and touching moment, as they are a kind of goodbye to a previous life. Some of the most powerful images from a wedding day come from these!

A tradition dating back to the Medieval times and before that the Romans, the cake cutting represents the first activity a newly married couple does together, and feeding it to each other symbolizes your commitment to provide for one another with love and affection.

This one has a stranger history (a bride running away from crowds who are trying to steal a bit of her dress for good luck), but nowadays it's just a bit more fun.

After all the official events are done, unwind with a fantastic party with your friends and family. While we often photograph these, we don't always stay too long because it can get messy ;-)

Optional Items

There are a couple of options people sometimes choose for their wedding coverage, listed below. Please check those that apply.

An engagement session is a chance to express your day-to-day personalities, often more casually and comfortably than on your wedding day, as well as get used to being in front of our lenses, and get to know us so you're more comfortable on your wedding day. Check the box if you are interested in an engagement session.

Photos before your ceremony can allow for a more relaxed photo session and less stressful day, and a more seamless transition between ceremony and reception for you and your guests. But, you have to see each other in your outfits before your ceremony!

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